- Igarashi Agricultural Machinery -


Igarashi Agricultural Machinery has been established in 1922 at Rankoshi-Cho, Hokkaido. The products and services handled are large and small agricultural machines, operating machines for grass, woods and park. In winter season, we handlle snow blower. The sales and support territory is Rankoshi, Niseko, Kucchan, Kuromatsunai, Makkari, Shimamaki and around Shiribeshi. Please feel free to contact us if you have any request.

Mail : info@igarashi-nouki.co.jp

Line of Business

 ・Agricultural machines
 ・Mini Tillar
 ・Grass cutter / Mower
 ・Snow Blower
 ・Each materials and parts for agriculture


   Mitsubishi     Minoru-sangyo     Makita      Husqvarna       Kioritz        Shindaiwa   
Maruyama OREC WADOFujiiYANASEand so on


Mail : info@igarashi-nouki.co.jp